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Where to go?



​ “Any corporate strategy developed over the next five years will actually be a sustainability strategy”.

It is therefore of paramount importance for the People, the Planet and the long-term Profit to embed sustainability at the core of companies strategies.

Ikigai Purpose.png

Why going there?

Purpose is the reason your organization should strive. It's the "why" that unites people, makes them happy to contribute, develop themselves and attracts new ones. It's the "why" that gets all your stakeholders thinking positively about your brand and organization. It's the "why" that drives companies to "do well, by doing good."

To help formulate a Purpose, we use the “Ikigai Diagram”. The CXOs & Co. Purpose Statement can be seen here.

When to go?

Strategic executive advising can be used at any moment, or any stage in the life cycle of your organization.

In the picture, we plug the on-demand executives’ contributions into a business life cycle graph to visualize the benefits of making use of external / on-demand executives at any given point of time.

The basic statement is that on-demand executives contributions give access to the right resources (skills and experiences) at the right time for the right duration.


How to go there?

With CXOs & Co. as Executive Advisers you get access to highly experienced C-Suite executives, "CXOs". 

As on-demand interims we can support you from the inside, fulfilling a part or full-time temporary position in your organization to strengthen your sustainability approach.

As advisers we will be on your side as consultant, coach, mentor or shadow board member to support your sustainability strategy.

Our services


  • Strategic Analysis: General industry analysis, Forward looking materiality prioritized on issues that have strategic and financial impacts on -and can be influenced by- the company. Mapping of positioning within the UN Sustainable Development Goals and relevant ESG benchmarks.

  • Strategic Plan: Designed to create value by focusing on new competitive edge through differentiation, either from ESG activities standardization (Minimizing too general sustainability benchmarks and diluted “best practices”) or from competitive analysis.

  • Strategy Implementation: Not only helping to develop a purpose and a sense of belonging within the organization but as well building measurable performance indicators for stakeholders (among which investors) that demonstrate the company has the strategy and the capabilities to deliver financial results and strong ESG performance over time.

We would be delighted to assist you in your journey.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or by using our contact form, here.

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