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Embedding sustainability at the core of strategies

Purpose is the reason your organization should strive. It's the "why" that unites people, makes them happy to contribute, develop themselves and attracts new ones. It's the "why" that gets all your stakeholders thinking positively about your brand and organization. It's the "why" that drives companies to "do well, by doing good."

To formulate our Purpose, we use the “Ikigai Diagram”. It only needs four basic questions to answer to define a personal purpose. The same four questions help to define a company purpose.

Why CXOs.png

Embedding is about commitment. When you stick something firmly within a particular environment, you are embedding it. And that’s exactly what we believe sustainability should be within strategy. Not only embedded “somewhere” but right at the core of strategy.

Not only in our own strategy but in the strategies of all our clients and partners.

Our purpose should hopefully help companies contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (More info about the UN SDGs by clicking on the image below)

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