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Igor Allinckx

Founder of CXOs & Co. and stratESGy

With over 20 years of experience in global C-level roles, including 11 years as a CEO, Igor has a deep understanding of what it takes to drive business success on an international scale. He became an independent consultant in 2018 and have been supporting companies in embedding sustainability at the core of their strategies ever since.

His expertise in strategy and his passion for sustainability make him uniquely qualified to help organizations optimize their performance. Igor can help you connect the ESG dots from analysis (Materiality Matrix, ESG and ERM Mapping) to strategic plans (Purpose, Business Model / Value Proposition) and implementation (Processes, Portfolios and Management tools) throughout your organization.

Whether you're looking to improve your bottom line, enhance your ESG performance, or navigate the challenges of today's global business world, Igor can help you achieve your goals.

Igor's LinkedIn Profile

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