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Module: Coherence Check

The Coherence Check forms the background for formulating the “narrative zero” of a company ESG approach. It uses the same filters as the ESG Readiness Check and builds on it to make sure all ESG dots have coherent connections. The basic narrative structure follows the Stratesgy Framework.

15-ESG Coherence.png

• Analysis

   - The analysis documents are forward thinking and connected around the most critical

     material topics.

   - Materiality, ESG, ERM, and relevant SDGs are aligned and prioritized.

• Integration level

   - The organization has a clear and sustainable purpose

   - The business model and strategies allocate resources to ESG initiatives that are aligned

     to the highest priorities and drive long-term business value


• Deployment

   - ESG KPIs are embedded in the whole organization, from core to support processes

   - Portfolios for supply chain management, products & services, marketing and investments

     are managed within defined ESG boundaries

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