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Module: ESG Readiness Check

The ESG Readiness Check is a scan of the existing ESG landscape. It serves to identify existing ESG points and check existing and missing connections. The full Readiness Check is composed of 38 topics that are aligned with GRI Standards and B-Labs Impact Assessment. Below are some examples.

11-ESG Readiness Check.png

• Environment

   - Are resources consumption measured, reported and is there a reduction plan?

   - Are impacts (Emissions, Wastes) measured, reported and is there a reduction plan?

   - Is there a mitigation plan for climate change and by when are the objectives reachable?

• Social

   - Are customers satisfied, are they protected and do they have a voice in the organization?

   - Is the workforce safe, are indexes monitored, are ESG goals part of evaluation?

   - Are policies and local initiatives in place for the community, are suppliers engaged?

• Governance

   - Is corporate accountability visible, are material topics documented and linked to plans?

   - Are legal & disclosure documents aligned with ESG standards requirements?

   - What level of transparency is applied?

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