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Module: Analysis Refresh

The Analysis Refresh ensures that the existing (or yet to be produced) analysis documents are forward thinking and connected around the most critical material topics. It takes into consideration universal risks, industry sector standards, and company specific ESG topics. 

12-ESG Analysis.png

• Materiality Matrix

   - Supported by sector Standards (SASB – TCFD)

   - Topics clustered into E-S and G themes and mapped into 3 categories (Acceleration,   

    Group, Local)

   - Forward thinking: Expected position of Critical Topics in 3 years

• ESG Mapping

   Connecting Critical Material Topics to Enterprise Risk Management, SDG Targets and ESG     Ratings performance

• Industry Analysis

   Plot the material topics at Suppliers, Customers, Peers, New Entrants, Substitutes and

   Regulations levels

• SWOT Analysis

   Extracting Opportunities and Threats from the Materiality Matrix, the ESG Mapping and the

   Industry Analysis and elaborating on Strengths and Weaknesses

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