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Module: Integration Level

The Integration Level module requires fundamental decisions. How deep does the organization want to embed sustainability? How wide will then the ESG scope be(come)? Depending on how advanced the company is, it elaborates on three components: Purpose, Business Model and Processes.

13-ESG Integration.png

• Purpose

   - Refining the company purpose if needed

   - Deciding if the purpose is contributing to general (sustainability) trends or more

     specifically aligned to SDGs

• Business Model

   - Scanning the existing (or newly produced) business model through the 10 Rs (Towards


   - Linking critical material topics to impacts on Business Model

   - What ESG products and services can be offered to generate business value?

• Processes

   - Redefine operational processes with an ESG lens (alignment in the organization)

   - Deciding on deployment model(s) for functional departments

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