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Antonio Batistini - On Demand CTO - Associate Partner CXOs & Co.

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Quote: "Still to be defined"

(By Unknown)

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CTO real life experience examples:

Extensive experience in a unique combination of areas including concept shaping and leading of start-ups, new business development, global development and growth of industrial and consumer businesses, creation and implementation of disruptive technology platforms, solutions and business models, leadership of large multi-functional and multi-regional organizations, definition and implementation of M&A and integration strategies.

Results driven and hands-on leader, passionate about articulating visions, developing and implementing business and marketing strategies aimed at maximizing short and long term share holder value by linking identified market opportunities and needs to differentiated technical and commercial solutions. Highly recognized for clear strategic thinking, effective communication, ability to design and implement growth strategies in alignment with long term business objectives, ability to attract, lead, develop and energize global cross-functional teams and multicultural organizations.

Demonstrated expertise and success in driving businesses with high value revenue and profit growth, in delivering large scale cost savings through improved productivity tools, in defining and implementing rigorous strategic and marketing plans, in enhancing organization’s market and customer focus, in managing complex projects and innovation processes, in developing talents and leading high performance organizations in multi-cultural environments.

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