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The Vision House

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Often asked how to articulate a company overall strategic direction in a compelling way we have been using since quite some years a simple analogy. Just draw a house...

This one pager "Vision House" is pretty simple to put together, yet powerful and easy for internal and external communication.


First you need strong foundations to start with. Whatever the quality of the soil (the market) you want to build on is, the house's stability will be dependent on the strength of its foundations. For any organization these are the core values. Ideally these should be the ones your people really live with, not the ones the board would love to have. One recommendation is as well to limit them to a maximum of six.


The roof is the essential element as it stands above all other activities. This is where we put the vision. It's not very complex and must be understood by all stakeholders. A common sense saying is: "A vision is a dream with a deadline".


To support the roof you will need a framing (at least in old style building techniques). This is the business strategy you intend to implement to achieve the vision. It is short, to the point and built on the solid walls below.


Let stay traditional and get a house with 4 walls. It can be about technology, your people, core processes or specific services, you name it. The only criteria is: If it does not support the strategy it is not relevant in this one pager.

CXOs & Co. can support you in organizing workshops with your management team for (re)defining the vision, assess and formulate the strategy and the key tasks and extract the true core values of your organization.

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