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4th Industrial Revolution

We recommend an excellent whitepaper on the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies that can contribute to competitiveness and sustainability of manufacturing hubs. (See link at the end)

The future of manufacturing is at an inflection point. Tomorrow’s manufacturers won’t be able to operate with the same resource intensity as past generations.

By harnessing the combined power of digital, physical and biological technologies, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) presents a way for increase competitiveness and sustainability.

This White Paper quantifies how.

It examines the potential impact of 4IR technologies on production systems in two of the world’s manufacturing hubs (Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and US state of Michigan, Guangdong province in China to be added at a later stage) and looks at technologies that can help manufacturers not only of these regions but also for manufacturing hubs around the world.

For the electronics industry, advanced electronic design automation (AEDA), 3D printing and digital traceability of materials are the technologies with the highest potential to boost competitiveness while accelerating the realization of the SDGs.

In the automotive industry, depending on the hubs, an augmented workforce (AR/VR), cobotics, bio-based plastics, digital twins and metal 3D printing are the technologies with highest potential.

Sustainability may actually be an amplifier of competitiveness.

Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies allow companies to position manufacturing as a source of competitive advantage while contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We wish you a good read:


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